To purchase wines, contact Al at Acequia Winery or call us at 505-264-1656. Must be 21 years of age. LATEST NEWS. We now ship, so get your order in early. As a small winery, unfortunately, we are limited to making small lots of our fine wines, so quantities are usually in short supply

2016 Coopers Hawk Rose  $17.00

Made from a single grape, at .5% residual sugar, this Rose’ straddles the line between too dry and too sweet.  Rose’ made from this grape was very popular in the Alsance region of France until 1930.  Today It’s grown extensively along the Canadian border, and in the fingerlakes region of New York. Tastes of grapefruit, pomagranites, and cherries embrace the pallet.  Great with fruit and cheese. This vintage is probably the best one we have produced in 5 years, and the supply is limited! 60 cases produced

2016 Chardonnay  $18.00

Our Chardonnay is cold fermented with no  malolactic fermentation or oak.  Made in a Chablis style, the fresh fruit taste of the Chardonnay grape is full blown with a tart, semi dry finish at .75% residual sugar.  Try it with clan chowder. 80 cases produced

2016 Muscat Canelli $20.00

Had too much to eat?  Skip desert, and have a glass of our Muscat instead.  Even at 6% residual sugar, the lucious nose and mouth feel of the Muscat canelli grape overshadows the sweetness.  Great with winter holiday meals, or hot summer days. 45 cases produced

2016 Osprey  $17.00

A delightful blend of Muscat Canelli and Vidal Blanc.  With 3% residual sugar, and just a hint of spice at the end, this wine fits in well with almost any occasion.  The perfect wine to bring when your not sure what everyone likes.  Try it with a little pumpkin pie. 40 cases produced

2016 Kestrel $16.00

A combination of Malvasia and Riesling and Muscat, our Kestrel is the perfect wine for the back yard on a hot day.  At 3% residual sugar, and tastes of honey and melon, with a slightly floral nose. It is dangerously delicious. 45 cases produced


2014 Zinfandel $17.00

This dry Zin is chocked full of black currants, dark cherries, and plumbs, yet lighter in color and taste than our 2012 Zin. Goes well with any Italian dishes. 40 cases left


2014 Merlot $22.00

Look for a delicious Chocolate mouth, with caramel nose. A classic Merlot, perfect for those big beef holiday dinners. 50 cases produced


2015 Merlot $20.00

A lighter sweeter version or our Merlot with flavors of strawberries and cherries, and a slight port like finish.

2014 Red Tail Hawk $19.00

A delightful blend of Tempranillo and Merlot, a great nose with a slight hint of nuts on the back pallet. Slightly sweeter than our other reds, and is light enough to go with just about any food. 100 cases produced